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Mary Jones, also known as The Brick Thief is an exciting new talent in the world of figurative ceramics. Her work is sculptural, figurative, painterly and expressive, with an emphasis on human emotion and how this is translated through facial expression.  Mary’s process always starts with a conversation. She interviews her subjects, encouraging them to talk about their childhood and people who were significant to them. However, some of Mary's more recent work is in response to conversations she has had with people in her everyday life, the most recent focusing on conversations with strangers on train journeys, in allotments and on dog walks.  Colour and pottery shards are key to Mary's work; the vibrant tones are achieved by using slips, under-glazes, oxides and broken crockery. It is important to her that her work is immediate, loose and playful. By working this way, she endeavours to capture the essence of who we are, revealing our internal worlds.

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