Studio Cennen : the next phase.

It's been 4 weeks since my last newsletter and if you are following Studio Cennen via social media you may already know that we have recently exchanged on the bricks and mortar site on Heol Cennen, Ffairfach.

I was invited to see the building a few years ago when Peter Barratt first took on the property to develop. We revisited the site last August when work on the building had just started and Tony and I both loved the building. We agreed to buy the property immediately with the idea of running workshops, events and open-studio exhibitions there, smaller and more regular events than Art and The Hall. We were just about to start the exchange process in March 2020, which was then put on hold along with the two exhibitions planned at the Hall.

With time on my hands I decided to set something up online, I was delighted that 35 artists came on the adventure with me….

It was great to have the time to put the website together and it has received fantastic comments from all that have visited the site - thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

I can now reveal the next phase of Studio CENNEN .... in the real world!

As you can see, the unique building was the inspiration behind the branding for the online gallery, perfectly executed by my very good friend Ian Vincent. The website was always seen as a precursor to the eventual bricks and mortar site in Ffairfach.  While the building work continues there for a couple of months more I thought I should fill you in.

Work on the building is moving forward....

The building will serve as the Headquarters for Studio CENNEN online along with being a venue with a varying progamme of artists workworks and open studios.

There is also a riverside outdoor space with a garden which is in development, Little Barn Nursery who does the beautiful planting at the Art at the Hall exhibitions will be over seeing this.

Pre Christmas. 

I would love to think we could do something small pre Christmas, a mixed group show, planning for this will have to be quite loose as the threat of lockdown hovers over us. I will keep you infomed via social media and newsletters.

As the venue is much smaller than the Hall, about 1/3 of the size, it will be much easier to manage the Covid restrictions, we will probably have to start with ‘by appointment’ for visitors with information and updates on social media and website news letters.

For 2021

Each month we will plan a show with a small group for of 3 - 6 artists and makers who’s work has real synergy, or a group show where there is a common thread… many of the artists will run demonstrations and/or workshops for small groups of visitors.

As you can see the building has lots of character. It was orginally the boiler house for The Old Creamery, Ffairfach. I still need to do some reserch on the building but if you know anything about it please do let me know. We loved the brick interior but it would have made for a cold and drafty venue- the place will be insulated throughout and will have cosy unfloor heating. The fantastic old truses will remain and be a feature of the space.

Former CWS Creamery, Ffairfach 

Viewed across Heol Cennen (the A483). The Co-operative Wholesale Society creamery was built c1900. From 1935 there was a railway siding from the adjacent Central Wales Line (now known as the Heart of Wales line). The creamery closed in 1959, shortly after the opening of a larger creamery in Llangadog which made this one redundant. The Old Creamery until recently was used as a garage named Mosley's Garage, now relocated to Llangadog.

Back in the day.... creamery could transformed

The Famous Mosleys Garage now relocated to Llangadog

Peter has had a fabulous new sign made for the renovated property 'Llandilo Butter & Cheese Factory'  which will contain 4 stunning domestic dwellings.

I can't wait to be able to invite you to Studio Cennen soon.

In the meantime there is much to discover at our on-line gallery

Please keep an eye out for updates. 

Best wishes and keep safe,